All together now

sculptural installation (steel, acrylic paint)
dimensions ca 180 x 150 x 170 cm,

This work presents eight „contour” silhouettes of a sprinter, shown in eight different stages of the race (from the position in the starting blocks, through the start, the run and the finish). However, they are all in one line and parallel, so when viewing them in „profile”, the individual silhouettes overlap, making it difficult to identify them. When looking at the work from the front or back their shape completely disappears.

Each silhouette is painted in a different color. These are pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and purple, corresponding to the colors used in the original version of the „rainbow flag,” which is the symbol of the LGBT equality movement. The contours of the individual figures, however, are a loose reference to the graphic form of the original Olympic flag.

This work relates to issues of community, equality, as well as equality before the laws and „rules of the game,” which in the case of any sport, are much easier to accept than in other areas of social life.