Key issues

object – steel, paint, matt clearcoat
year of production: 2020

The concept for this work was developed during the workshop entitled „The Infection”, which is a part of the research project called „Future today” organized last October by the Bratislava School of Art and Design and the starting point for this project was an attempt to treat the title infection as something positive.

Reflecting on this challenge, I came to the conclusion that an object of this nature is a traditional patent key. After all, its task is to interfere with the lock and eventually infect it in such a way as to open it. It could be anything – for example a door to a house or a study, as well as a safe, a locker in the cloakroom or a bicycle lock. Holding the key in your hand gives you access to selected content.

The work consists of seven scaled-down patent keys connected to each other. Each of them consists of seven layers. These keys have „wrinkles” in the shape of the current Polish borderline, and when folded together they show the contour of our country known to us all. Additionally, the Republic of Poland borders exactly seven countries (not counting the sea border).