With warmth I

event / installation

To reveal „censored” content, participants present at the event had to use a specially prepared
megaphones/hairdryers covered with cork aggregate.

The texts on the pages refer to observation reports from public assemblies issued by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Amnesty International. Both institutions began their observations in 2017 during protests and demonstrations, which erupted massively after the Polish government introduced changes to the Supreme Court regulations and adopted the Act on Cyclical Assemblies.

During the vernissage, the viewers were constantly observed. New pages of the report were immediately added to the memoryboards hanging on the walls.

The language of these reports as well as used „censorship” refers to surveillance techniques used by the Polish Security Service against members of the anti-communist movement in the years 1956–1989.

September 17, 2018

At a secret meeting, it was decided to use internal and external observation techniques to understand the reasons and purpose of organizing the cyclical gathering reported as the „vernissage”.

Due to the arrangement of the facilities in the assembly hall, observation of the participants of the „vernissage” is difficult and will require additional focus.

Due to the approaching date of the observed gathering, it is recommended that the observation activities of this event gain strength and dynamics.

The culmination of the campaign is scheduled for October 15, 2018. It will involve considerable effort, equipment and emotions as well as other operational techniques and methods.