With warmth II

event / installation

„With warmth II” is the second part of the event conducted in Poznań in 2018. This time, the action involved interviewing random people who came to the exhibition opening. The conversation took place in one of the rooms inside the big stove, which was arranged as an interrogation room.

During the interviews conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, I was asking people about the things they have noticed. I did not specify exactly what I meant by that. Some of the interviewers focused on the exhibition itself. Others talked about situations that made a strong impression on them. Some of them referred to art in general. Each testimony was immediately attached to boards that were placed in the room.


Characteristics of the witness:
65 year old male. Married. One child.
Higher education. No special marks.

The witness testifies in the presence of his wife „Iwona”.

The witness drew attention to the differences in the perception of read sources and works of visual nature. Based on his education and many years of experience, he claims that the text creates much better opportunities and conditions to focus on content and he prefers such a method. The witness deplores the fact that modernity and its pace takes away the possibility of reaching deeper reflection, but at the same time emphasizes that he will remain active in the search for these …