Tomasz Drewicz is looking for forms where the liminal state is expressed in the field of art. That explains his interest in the process, evolution, performing, the dynamics of complex systems. It no longer has anything to do with the state of liquidity, blurry borders, but with the search for emerging structures, dependencies, processes of self-organization. He redefines/deconstructs the concept of performance as the process generating a dynamic situation – EVENTS, where there is a COLLISION of different values, qualities and possible states. The changes introduced by them are a measure of the effectiveness of the event and the performance as a whole. Performing is a fundamental feature of our reality. This process, involves the concept of „BE” and „CREATE” as inextricably linked. He understand sculpting as a process of transformation of amorphous material into the form. The work of Tomasz Drewicz undoubtly refers to the conceptual and avant-garde attitudes of the twentieth century, but it takes place in completely different conditions designated by the information technology revolution.

dr hab. Joanna Hofmann-Dietrich

Tomasz Drewicz understands his artistic interventions as „EVENTS” and „COLLISIONS”. He creates circumstances of processing /performance/ instead of building a still object of sculpture. This kind of recognition, somewhat rare in artistic environment, can have stimulating effect on the development of artistic discipline; concepts and terms freed from existing meanings let the viewer enter the „unstable ground” of intellectual considerations, which were used by the author, who had to deal with them himself.

prof. Antoni Porczak