Inspiration: „The perspective of s u b j e c t i v a t i o n through art persumes positive valuation of the instinct of play itself. Thw subject plays-althaough it is also played – whereas how he does it is not important. The very play, which gives freedom, is positive. And since modernity gave people freedom, poeple have to play in order to cultivate that freedom. The idea that everyone should be the artist of their own life, calls to being a new vision of uniwersal art, which is not so much an activity consisting in producing artworks, but a universal participation in the play.”1

Home Run” is a multi-spatial installation. The work consists of three large rectangular modules, to which 24 plate are fixed – all parallel to the major plane of the module, but with the varaible distance from it (see visualization and design drawings). There is a graphic applied on the plates, which is constructed in such a way that when viewed from a single, well-defined three-dimensional space on the pitch, spatial installation „made up” on the screen showing the two-dimensional players (pitcher, batter and catcher).

To fully experience the visual and spatial aspect of this realization, the recipient is forced to go through the designated route (that is, make the title HOME RUN) or even randomly „pass through” individual base fields. The installation drags the viewer in its meaning – physically and mentally. His behavior is as important as the accuracy of the installation or the place of exposition.

At first the basic idea was to built a one big installation which could simulate the baseball field, but during the residency stay I decided to change it. Because it is a triptych i decided to seperate all of the „players” and leave two of them as a dedicated piece for two institutions which were the hosts for this residency programme (European House of Art Schafchoff in Freising, and Polish Sculpture Center in Orońsko). The third one is my own and could be presented during next exhibitons all around the world and be the ambassador for all of them.