My works pay attention to the process — pointing out areas in which broad BEHAVIOUR has the chance to highlight its individual meaning, thus at the same time becoming very specific and universal. As a rule, I make use of quite simple means. Collected and organized against the specific context, they can operate on many levels.

We live in a reality driven by new technology, digitization and omnipresent economy i.e., things, which disturb our sense of unity and continuity. „Here and Now” was multiplied, blurred, divided and remains shrouded in a fog of uncertainty. Our individual and social „substance” seems to resemble „shapeless mass” more and more. We must rediscover this matter; understand its new meaning and specificity. That is why, my purpose of my artistic exploration involves the analysis of very specific substances. By using them for artistic purposes, in a way respecting and using their specifics, I want to show how many similarities they share; I want to reveal the enormity of analogies and multitude of possible interpretations, which stem from these relations. Quoting Joseph Beuys, I am interested more in the:

„MATERIAL and transformation of SUBSTANCE […] than in the traditional understanding of the aesthetic beauty of things. If the work stays related to transformation, change and development of substance, it can affect everything in the world and is no longer limited to art only”.