„I am a element. Sovereign and independent part of a big system. Every new experience, each person encountered, all internal reflections are cells that fuse me with this system. In my work I show my attitude to this idea – the idea of the absolute, the idea of my absolute, the idea of universal absolute, which we are all a part of. ”

„Leaving the track means to use a communication strategy – use the thought patterns and different methods of writing hoping that the selected mechanism will work in a certain way. In my work I talk about these strategies by showing the multiplicity of points of view. Each method based on the sign, symbol or metaphor has a good deal of uncertainty and gives you the opportunity to discover  new values in it – these unintended, pure and original. ”

„Every time, We ask a question, a huge, almost infinite potentiality is born. Suspended between the Claim of an asker and the Commitment that responder undertakes, it talks about the intentions of both. In this relationship, in this silent dialogue, raises the awareness of our individuality. The purpose of this project is to show the potency of every meeting because it is a huge responsibility, not to waste any opportunity it gives us.”