For sale

event /  instalation 
mixed media – wood, digital printing, voicemail, mobile network)
Collegium Stomatollogicum, Poznań

This work expresses my critical attitude to the thoughtless presentation of art in outdoor spaces, which in this case was the building of the Dental Clinic of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. The place where our works were shown was a waiting room surrounded by very active architectural elements with many large plants.

In the middle of the exhibition space I putted a sign with information hung on it. In its visual form, it referred to signs that people stick in front of their houses, informing that a given property is put up for a sale. The telephone number is written on the plate. After dialing the indicated number and establishing a connection, they were redirected to the voice mailbox.

The message spoken by the computer voice generator read as follows:

A unique opportunity!
Buy contemporary art!
Enter your offer after hearing the signal.
There are 29 days left until the end of the auction.

Every day, I recieved the messages from the voice mailbox and update the welcome message. Thus, random viewers of the exhibition could take part in the „auction” and show how much they value a specific „work of art”. In this way, my colleagues work was treated as a PRODUCT, while I focused on the PROCESS itself.