My name is Tom Drewicz. I am a visual artist from Poland. Thank you for your interest. On this website you will find basic information about me and some of my projects.

In my artistic practice I am mainly dealing with installations and objects. I often reach for other media such as photography, video and sometimes even performance. 

If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact me. I am extremely curious about your reflections.

In my work, I pay attention to the PROCESS – I indicate areas in which the broadly understood BEHAVIOR has the chance to emphasize its individual sense, thus becoming very specific and universal at the same time. I use fairly simple means of articulation, which, however, collected and organized in relation to a specific context, can act on many levels.

We live in a reality dominated by new technologies, digitization and global economy. „Here and Now” has been multiplied, fuzzy, split and remains shrouded in uncertainty. Our sense of unity and continuity has been disturbed. We must rediscover this matter; understand its new meaning and specificity. That is why one of the areas of my artistic research is the analysis of some very specific substances called smart materials (ferrofluid, thermochromic paint). In my projects, I combine them with new and traditional artistic techniques, in a way that respects and uses their specificity. I want to show the magnitude of the analogies and the multitude of interpretations that can be carried out by them. Quoting the words of Joseph Beuys, I’m rather interested in:

„… MATERIAL and transformation of SUBSTANCES […] than traditional aesthetic understanding of beauty. If creativity remains in connection with the transformation, change and development of a substance, it can apply to everything in the world and ceases to be limited to art only. „